Planning Support Tools


SPARC is a cloud-served, open source GIS data transformation service and warehouse that includes the INDEX scenario planning tool. SPARC organizes GIS data from multiple organizations that are collaborating in planning projects, normalizing it to a common data schema, automatically repairing geometry defects, and providing a user account system for sharing across organizations. Users engaged in scenario planning can employ INDEX to ‘paint’ land-use and transportation concepts, score them with sustainability indicators, and rank multiple scenarios by goals achievement.

Climate Neighbor

Climate Neighbor is a spreadsheet tool that estimates the benefits of energy-efficient, climate-friendly development in Chula Vista California. The City Energy Code recognizes the energy-saving potentials of community design and site planning, and CN is a tool for evaluating those savings and associated greenhouse gas emission reductions in large-scale development projects. Users describe a proposed development project, and select energy measures from a menu derived from LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system strategies. CN estimates energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions of the LEED-ND strategies in comparison to a baseline development scenario.

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RegGIS Regional Priority Tool

The U.S. Green Building Council has 79 local chapters across the country, each with unique priorities for addressing their most urgent sustainability issues, such as water conservation in the Southwest or agricultural land protection in the Midwest. To integrate local priorities with the national system of LEED credits, Criterion built RegGIS, a cloud-served GIS tool that allows chapters to create unique geographic composites of significant concerns, such as stormwater runoff and watershed quality, and then reward LEED projects constructed in those areas with priority rating points.

LEED Regional Priority Credits